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GoFundMe and Posting procedures
Posted by: Grockle
Date: 26/08/2014 15:38
We have an issue that I think needs bringing into the open as it presently is putting the continued presence of this site on the web in danger.

As a population there is a general dislike of disputes when they get out of hand. However the definition of 'out of hand' seems to be wide with some posters who seem to feel that they have the right to comment on the activity of others based on their definition of what is suitable and how it should be discussed.

This is NOT the case. On a free forum people are welcome to comment should they stay within the rules. Some discussions may be long winded but there is no specific rule against that and I would remind posters that nobody is checking whether you have read every comment on every thread. It is not compulsory. You can stop whenever you like.

However, when these 'spats' happen there are three ways of dealing with them;

The INDIVIDUAL method is for a poster to simply ignore that thread for a while and let those involved sort it out themselves. As long as the posters involved do that it will flare and then die.

The CONCERNED poster method where a poster asks for moderation via the PRIVATE MESSAGE system giving their reasons for concern and asking for a ruling - we almost NEVER use this system here.

The 'ADVISORY' poster method where posters not involved in the dispute post PUBLICALLY stating their own opinion of the posters involved, sometimes in less than complimentary terms. This is used a lot on this site.

I would suggest that the third method is NOT the way to deal with this. 'Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone' comes to mind.

The first reaction of the posters criticised is to defend themselves and it can become a nasty 'mine is bigger than yours' confrontation including people who were not originally involved but who choose to pour petrol on the already smouldering situation and then become offended by the turn of events.

It also creates two other problems;
1. A perception that there is a major problem with the site and the creation of disputes between people who originally had no quarrel at all
2. An environment for those who thrive on conflict to come in and create more of the same.

While we all probably could do with looking at our own posting practice I have to ask for people to operate the systems in place to deal with complaints.

The second method - the CONCERNED poster - IS the way to do that.

If you do not think you can rely on the decisions of the moderator of this site then you can use the abuse button at the bottom of the page to send a complaint to the SN network

But PLEASE keep it off the public section of the forum and use the PM system to register complaints on threads where you have no involvement but have concerns. A ruling can then be made and it can either be reported back to the posters involved or publically reported should that need to be done. The last time we used this was during Averageside's last visit and before that it was during the "Loverboy" Era

PLEASE do not publically comment on the practices of another poster in a personal manner because you dislike that practice yourself. It is a fine line I accept but we are usually sensible enough to know what is close or over the line. Refer it via PM please if you think there is a reason to related to site discipline.

You may wish to express it privately to the poster, though be aware that can also come under the rules and may come under moderation if one poster refers it to SN.

If it is a concern then refer it rather than inflame it (a lesson I certainly could take myself).

Of course those who cannot accept these requests can simply post elsewhere on sites that operate in the way they are happier with. Some have made that decision and that is to be respected though there is no restriction on them returning under these regulations at some future date should they wish to.

Public comment on poster activity will be moderated in future. Complaints sent through the proper channels will be moderated and we can all ask ourselves what we can do better.

Should a poster want to discuss the activity of another poster on Grockles and does want to do that in public rather than via the PM network then he/she can use the 'Other Forum' for that.

There is a thread there which is provided for such activity. Simply post that you intend to do that on the main forum, no more than that please, and then post your complaint on the Other Forum and your fellow posters can go there to discuss it while leaving the main cricket forum for cricket.

I am not opening this to public discussion I am afraid - there has been enough of that. However if people want to provide positive improvements they think would help please send them to me by PM and if you operate a PM network between fellow posters then there is no restriction for conversations there.

Thanks one and all. If I find a better way of saying some of this I'll edit it in bold and identify where that was done.

Bold text is update in 2017

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