A Day in History

By Grockle et al
June 23 2017

The Nash dream has become a reality and Taunton has international cricket.  Sportnetwork celebrate by taking the site offline all day for server maintenance but we are finally on to celebrate a day in Taunton history.

England v South Africa International T20 @ Taunton Friday 23 June 2017


13 years after we started this journey, the gates are open to the first official international match of this century.  A very large amount of work has been put in to make this game and our facilities feel perfectly normal for the little South Western town of Taunton.  My first impressions are that they’ve got it just about right.  The place has an atmosphere you don’t get at Bristol (last year at the England/SL game I was pleasantly surprised) Everyone is close to the play.

Eng;land have won the toss and will bowl.  Craig Overton will not make his debut here. The England side is

Billings, Roy, Bairstow, Morgan, Buttler, Livingstone, Dawson, Jordan, Plunkett, Willey, Tom Curran

Not a bad place to chase I would imagine.  At 4:45 the 3.2K Stand is pretty much at capacity.  The Gimblett Temporary is (still weird) the same and the Ondaatje Temporary is filling up.  Lots of jazz music and fried onions.  The interesting thing is the almost completely vacant CA pavilion where the Long Room boys and members seem to have decied on block not to come to this one  Bit like the Lord’s pavilion during a non London county event in St Johns Wood.

The regular stands are still filling.  The Somerset is about 60% capacity but overall the rest of the ground looks 75 to 80% occupied.  With luck the weather will stay dry and we should see a big scoring game.

So we start on time and David Willey (he of now ginger hair) starts for England against Smuts who starts the boundary action with one off the second ball and then has to pullhis bat away from a real tempter from the bowler for ball three.  Lot of crowd noise here ladies and gents and we are used to it in Taunton.

Jordan opens at the River end to Hendricks with the Safffers taking 8 off the first over.  The first siz comes off him to bring the score after 2 to 20 (3 wides in his first over) and after another from the pavilion Tom Curran starts his international tally replacing Chris.  Hendricks chops his second ball on and Curran takes his and the sides first at 25.  Mosehle replaces his team mate and they end the 4th with 27 for 1.

Liam Plunkett is a change at the Pavilion and he gives a rather nervous Mosehle a bit of an inspection keeping the visitors to 30 off 5.  Tom’s second is not as exciting as his first from an English perspective as Mosehele starts to hit his straps with a couple of aggressive boundaries, one of which destroys his bat. After 6 they are 45 for 1 and Toom has seen both sides of bowling in international T20. 

Dawson is the next man to be tried at the pavilion and the 50 arrives just before Mosehle calls for his third bat.  He eventually tries to pull one too many of Plunkett’s balls (he changes sends to the River) and is caught behind at 57 for 15.  In comes ABdV.

60 for 2 after 8 but are held to under 70 by Dawson.  AB decides to have a go at Liam and rushes him wiith a huge flash to the Pavilion boundary.  It looks like he wants to move this on because they have probably worked out that 200 is going to be hard to defend here. Liam helps them along with a friendly full toss and AB finishes him off with a six into the CA.  At the halfway point they have 84 with the loss of two.  That is probably not enough.

Both men know it and they start to push it along with some aggressive shots including a huge Ondaatje six from Smuts. He then goes for 45 off 35 deliveries at 96 top edging one with one ball of the 11th to go.  Miller replaces him and helps his captain take the tourists past 100 off the last ball of the 12th from Jordan. 

Dawson finishes with 1 for 38 after a sublime AB six into the huge Temporary Scoreboard stand.  His side finish on 113 for 3 after 13.  No runs are added before Miller is caught behind snicking to Jos off Liam Plunkett 2 balls into the 14th.  Out comes Behardien and with 2 for 36 Liam Plunkett finishes the 14th.  South Africa are at 120 for 4.  Willey returns at the Pavilion and his 11 off 2 becomes a little more as AB ramps him for six to the CA off his first. It also takes AB to 46 off 19.  But that is all he gets as he smacks the next one straight down his rival skippers throat, 127 for 5.  Morris arrives and we have two new batsmen at the crease with 5 and a half to go.   5 to go and 130 for 5 is not where the visitors would have wanted to be.

Curran returns from the River.  He keeps them to less than a run a ball.  No more can be asked of a bowler in the 16th over.  136 for 5.   Willey finishes with 1 for 29 after Jordan drops a sitter off his last ball from Morris 144 for 5.  Jordan comes on to make amends with the 18th Behardien smashes the first one straight back past him for four.  His third nearly gets a wicket as Willey nearly gets to a huge skier from the South African as the 150 arrives belatedly.  Another drop on the boundary occurs when Livingstone drops another sitter on his debut so SA survive at 156 for 5 (rather than 156 for 7) after 18.

Curran changes ends for the 19th.  Roy takes the catch offered off the second ball and Morris goes at 157 for 12.  Phehlukwayo is the next man at the crease. He doesn’t last long as a beautiful Yorker sends him on his way.  164 for 7.  Mornie Morkel comes home next.  Tom Curran 33 for 3 on debut….. can’t be bad.  He looks good, bit of pace, good variations and a very decent Yorker.

Chris takes the last and after a single he gives Behardien a full toss to help on its way to the Brewhouse.  The batsman sent Morkel back to face the Englishman but Jordan gets the last laugh when he has him LBW off ball 5.  Paterson  arrives to face the last ball He hits it for four and the score to chase is 174. 

The Reply

Mornie Morkel opens from the River end to Roy who is straight off the mark…… much taller than I expected him to be. Billings does the same.  Morkel has played here before and will be an interesting first up bowler.  Chris Morris takes the second with 5 on the board.  The English opening pair milk him rather than go after him and have moved on to 15 before Billings mistimes a ball that rises on him and puts it straight up in the air for an easy catch to Miller.  15 for 1 brings Bairstow out at the end of the second.

Jason Roy may very well make South Africa pay for his poor form so far this summer.  Morkel is on the end of two majestic and vicious cuts to take the English to 31 after 3 and Roy on to 27 off 13.   Bairstow isn’t finding Morris so easy however and doesn’t get bat on ball until he drives the last ball of the over for four.  39 for 1 off four.  Paterson comes on at the River

After 5 a score of 45 for 1 keeps the ‘home’ side well on track as Phehlukwayo comes on for the 6th the 50 comes up off the penultimate ball of the 6th. After 8 England have 68 and the man who has been frustrated with his early form and the man who didn’t play while they hoped he would find it are in no real trouble together out in the middle.  Bairstow has just murdered Phehlukwayo for two straight fours and these two are going about their business in a professional manner at the moment.  The score is presently being held in check by some excellent South African boundary fielding.

Morkel changes ends as the batsmen start to eye 100 and Roy looks at 50 (presently 44 off 27).  He always got prodigious bounce here but there is a little too much today and  his second goes over Mosehle with feet to spare.  Next Johnny smashes him into the SKY peanut or whatever it is called for six more and moves to 35 off 27 balls himself.  At halfway we need 83 from 60 at a score of 92 for 1.

Roy goes to 50 off 33 balls in the 11th with 7 fours and 1 six with it comes the English 100 and we finish the 11th at 102 for 1.

With 7 to go, Jason Roy has gone insane and moved on to 64 off 41 while Johnny Bairstow is now looking at a less than 40 ball 50.  Nothing the South African bowlers try seems to have any real effect on the boys in those wonderful T20 shirts.  But as I say that Johnny smacks one to mid on and leaves wiith 47 off 37 deliveries. Next in is Livingstone - you would have loved it to be Jos really wouldn't you?

Finally Jos gets on the field in unusual circumstances when Jason Roy is called through, realises the single is not on, changes direction to run back and is hit by the ball.  The South Africans appeal, the onfield umpires ask for a technical decision and he is given out 'obstructing the field' .  It was extremely harsh in the opinion of everyone here and Roy was deeply  unimpressed 134 for 3.

With 4 to go we need 40 but we get a life back after an appeal against Livingstone is not upheld when he pretty obviously hit it.  Livingstone is finding it hard to get it off the square and has now nicked the strike from Jos.  England need 29 from 3 and it is getting very tight.

Needing 23 from 15 Jos misses a very good low yorker and is bowled.  Morgan comes out needing a captain's innigs with 22 required from 14 balls.  Exciting this international T20 stuff I reckon!!

Livingstone tries a ramp and fails.  Morgan isn't in yet and a run a ball isn't enough,  The light is getting poorer and Livingstoone is trying to hit the leather off it every ball.  It isn't working and the balls available are running out fast. Now Livingstone and Paterson are in an 'I'll bowl it wide you try and hit it' game which the Englishman is winning but not making enough runs. 17 off 9 is no better.

Morgan stops messing about as 12000 start 'Sweet Caroline' with a four to the Botham. but he scoops the next one to the fielder and is out.  162for 5 and Dawson is given the job of getting 13 off the last 7.  He takes 1 and we need 12 off 6.

Dawson faces Phehlukwayo.  Single off ball one 11 off 5.  A tie takes us to a 'Super over'.  Ball 2 to Livingstone is another single.  10 off 4 and it is as dark as hell.  Ball 3 is also a single.  9 off 3  Ball 4 Ramp to a fielder and a single but then Livingstone  runs for a second and is run out 167 for 6.  Dawson hits  a four.  So they need 4 off the last ball. Phehllukwayo bowls a dot and we lose by 3 runs.   Really good game.  but woould Roy have won it for us?  I think the answer to that is definitely YES.

Did he interfer?  That wasn't as sure from here I'm afraid even after looking at the slowmo.  Something to discuss. I've already had one suggestion that in an earlier timme Jason would have played his last international run.... got a pretty good idea which side that poster has come down.

Exciting game and a success in almost every area for the county.  Lots and lots of local people had a really good time.  It got really dark really quickly though.  We do need floodlights here for more of these further away from the longest day.

I had a good chat with Nashy as well which I will get to later in the month.






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A Day in History
Posted by: Grockles.com (IP Logged)
Date: 23/06/2017 19:33

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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Loyal of Lhasa (IP Logged)
Date: 23/06/2017 21:06

Everyone I heard speaking on TMS today waxed very positively about the organisation of the match, the state of the ground and the field of play (special congratulations to Simon Lee) the officials and the Somerset people. That makes the result of the game utterly insignificant in comparison.


Seventy Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grizzzly (IP Logged)
Date: 23/06/2017 21:39

Yes, well done all at SCCC. Pleased to hear the stands stayed up ok !


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Mike TA1 (IP Logged)
Date: 23/06/2017 21:54

It looked very good from the top balcony of the Viridor building, that's where I was today,the view from up there goes on for miles.

I also manage to meet Jos Buttler mom and dad today, unfortunately Jos didn't get many runs today.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grizzzly (IP Logged)
Date: 23/06/2017 22:33

Did you manage to persuade them to get Jos to move back to SCCC Mike ?!


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Shepton Paul 2 (IP Logged)
Date: 23/06/2017 22:57

I only heard the last ten minutes in the car radio driving home. BBC radio commentator (I think Charles Dagnall) very complimentary about our club and ground, and today's organisation 👍

Shame England didn't include Cove on his home ground - doubt he'll get a game in the decider now.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: wsm fan (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 00:43

Morgan said all new squad members will debut.
That means Craig & Malan play Sunday.
If not Mr Morgan lied!
I'll be there to see it and can't wait.
To see one of our own make his full international debut doesnt happen every day.
Much better pitch to start on Cardiff than Taunton too.
Clever saving your best bowlers for the decider too!

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: geordie moonraker (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 07:20

The Roy dismissal will always be a controversial one but he didn't just turn, he crossed from one side of the wicket to the other and whether or not he intended to interpose himself between the thrower and stumps that was the effect.
The ground looked magnificent and from TV it seemed a wonderful and highly successful occasion. Well done everyone.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grizzzly (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 08:11

Watched the C5 highlights last night.

The ground looked great & all seemed to go smoothly, but I was surprised by two things:

1) How the heck we managed to lose the game from a position of such strength !

2) Block 'A' of the Somerset stand appeared to have quite a number of empty rows/seats for the duration of the game, which seems pretty odd given that it was supposedly sold out for some time beforehand. Anyone have any idea why ?

Lastly, I wonder how much SCCC get paid for this giant bunfight taking place at our ground ?


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 08:48

It wss definitely sold out coz the officials at 4 were constantly having to.remind the gates there were NO tickets available. The CA was about a third empty outside as well but I assume that was Long roomers not taking up the option.

Bumble the ex umpire explained the Roy decision. It was to do with him crossing the pitch. You aren"t allowed to do that and if the ball then hits you it's obstruction. No reference to intent. You have simply put yourself in the path of the ball.


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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 09:29

Trawling through the social stuff this morning the reaction to Taunton as an international ground are almost totally positive. One lady correspondent found the surly steward there is at every ground but other than that the experience seems to have been a positive one for all.

A family group I know perched on the Behemoth Stand had a great time though another drinks outlet by the large stands might have helped.

My limited experience of these events from a press angle did not have me comparing us unfavourably. The facilities were excellent (though I'm not sure the 1875 members would agree after being mived out of their area). We were definitely on a par with Bristol and I was pleasantly surprised there. The catering staff, Spencer and Ben did a good job.

There were lots of volunteers helping out as well in their yellow T shirts. The press one needs a special mention. Her apple and cider cake was excellent!! She knew a bit about the cricket as well.....can"t think why that was.


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: AG on apple (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 09:53

Very surprised that there weren't more runs. I assumed we'd aim for one of the flattest tracks ever seen, look for a record high-scoring match etc

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: AG on apple (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 09:57

I'm not sure, WSM, that a slow, low turner is particularly good for any quick to bowl on. But slow, low very likely at Cardiff.

The challenge for Craig will be to mix it up. He's a line and length Merchant and has seldom gone well in T20 so I'd have far rather seen him in the 50 over side than the 20 over one as I think he'd have a much better chance of showing well in the 50 over, having done very well for us in that earlier this season.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Roger ivanhoe (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 10:00

Grockle, the "Longroomers" were not allowed in the C.A.or the Long room for the occasion, we were told the whole building was for the use of ECB, and players guests.
Likewise the 1875club was used by the press, and members of the 1875 if they wished to attend were offered seating in the upper or lower seats of the Somerset Pavilion.

The balcony of the 1875 was virtually empty for most of the game, apart from that the ground was buzzing I thought.

Not faulting the club in any way, I think they handled the whole occasion extremely well, and they will have learnt a lot from it.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Bagpuss (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 10:12

The CA pavilion was used exclusively for hospitality seating yesterday - Somerset hospitality downstairs in the County Room whilst the ECB were entertaining their guests upstairs in the Long Room.

Long Room members, like those from the 1875 club, were outside singing Sweet Caroline with the masses.

And if Jos had any qualms about how the Taunton faithful felt after his departure up north, the cheer for his name when the teams were announced, the roar when he came out to bat and the sight of people standing to applaud his 10(7) as he left the field would gave dispelled that.

Shame that England tinkered with the batting and he didnt get more of a chance to finish the game.

Credit to South Africa who bowled well and fielded like demons to defend a total I thought was 25 (and maybe 50) short at the interval. Credit too to Tom Curran, definitely quicker than I remember him, not fazed at all by the occasion and spoke well at the press conference afterwards.

On to Cardiff and hopefully another older brother will be on debut.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 10:23

I knew about the 1875s. That being the press room there was no chance of using the seats outside. Should have realised that the CA would be used ib the same way. So it went the way of most hospitality areas. Lots of imbibing and not so much watching the event.

Those white seats were very obvious of course in a ground thst was rammed everywhere else. Complacency by England meant that the first anticipation of Jos was disappointed as Livingstone was sent out to get some 'in the middle' time.

I struggled more with Liam Dawson being sent out while Plunkett was sitting there with his long handle cocked and loaded. I'd even have sent Jordan in first. Though it wasn't Chris' night really.

'Sweet Caroline' was truly massive.


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Mike TA1 (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 10:41

The day following the match it is all go at the ground today, stands coming down, signs being removed and new signs going up for the Women's World Cup.

One of the signs on the gate is a long list of restrictions for the Women's matches, the first restriction says 'No Weapons'.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Farmer White (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 11:36

I bought a day of SKY TV to watch. Worth every penny of the £6.99 especially as the day pass covered the first Lion's Test this morning or would have done if my wireless feed hadn't chosen this morning to play up!

The packed ground looked spectacular from the overhead shots which were regularly used through the broadcast. As were views of St James' Church and of course the Quantocks. And the Quantocks. And The Quantocks. And the Quantocks. At least £1.99 of my money must have gone on the Quantocks. And no John Arlott to describe their patchwork grandeur as they ringed the skyline above the Colin Atkinson Pavilion and the Botham and Trescothick Stands. Somerset red sandstone and trees clothed in blue tinged haze little changed since they presided over Sammy Woods, Lionel Palairet and all those other ghosts down the years that trod this ground and from time to time put balls in the Tone as somenone did in this match. Somerset and the ground did them all proud. A shame that Arlott could not be there to see how this great ground could transform itself from provincial headquarters to international venue to be proud of without seemingly losing an ounce of its spirit or character.

The Sky commentators entered into the spirit of the thing. They broadcast the match from a caravan located in front of the Caddyshack between the two player dugouts. They seemed to be having a whale of a time. Probably because they had not been that close to the action since they played. It kept them awake too because they spent the match waiting for a six or a one bounce four to fly into the van through the "letterbox" through which they watched the match. Not sure who was the more pleased, the commentators in the caravan or 'Bumble' who before the match found himself doing a piece from the top of the tower of St Mary Magdalene. A commentating god placed as near the heavens as one of the County Ground's churches could put him.

As the match reached its later stages, and England were losing wickets quicker than Somerset are losing players to the various England set ups, the occupants and guests in the flats were dancing on the balconies to the music which accompanies wickets at these events. Shades of the Elton John concert.

The whole crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the commentators and the people in the flats including the snowman in the Trescothick Stand who applauded enthusiastically and seemed to understand his cricket. As it looked on the TV screen the atmosphere in the ground and among the crowd was exceptional. As they say: A good time seemed to be had by all.

As to the cricket: a couple of incidents to provide talking points. Otherwise close T20 match like any other but it didn't really matter for the winner today was Somerset CCC and the County Ground. Two jewels in the West Country Crown. And it showed.

As to the two incidents:

The Roy run out. He found himself heading fast for the other end where the other batsman, ball watching, stood his ground. Roy turned, immediately ran across to the other side if the pitch from where the ball was about to be thrown at the stumps and it hit him. The quicker route to regain his crease was straight back down the side he had run up.

The de Villiers catch to dismiss Morgan. Morgan hit the ball straight to midwicket. De Villiers caught it and looked startled. He explained afterwards. He had seen the ball off the bat, completely lost it in the church, then it hit his hands. Now that is picking up the flight of the ball early.

It also makes the final point. Somerset seem to have shown we can host an international as well as anyone. But we will need lights. Even on TV the light dipped quickly in the last twenty minutes or so. De Villiers didn't see his catch. Buttler looked like he might have had trouble seeing the one that got him. It is probably as well the match was not tied because the rules require a superover which might have been embarrasing in that light.

Somerset CCC will stand taller in the English cricketing world today. Let us hope it gives the side a lift in the County Championship on Monday.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Mike TA1 (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 12:09

I think you will find that 'Bumble' was at the top of St James Church.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Botham (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 12:25

I think it a great shame for the watching masses, that the tv umpire opted to give 'out', when most agreed that the decision could have gone either way. Had not out been given, it would have been great for entertainment and we'd have moved on.

The most important aspect of the day was our ability to stage such an occasion, which we passed with flying colours.

It's a shame that the almost empty CAP was opposite the cameras as it gave a false impression.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: cricketharris (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 13:53

As they do at the Oscar's we should maybe employ people to sit in temporarily empty seats!

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 13:56

Well the TV umpire has to give the decision that is the one believed to be correct. Perish the thought they ever give the decision that makes good TV.

After hearing Bumble's explanation about the fact it was not to do with intent but that Roy had crossed the wicket without an obstruction in front of him putting himself in the path of the ball, unconsciously or not, that made sense of the decision.

We should still have 'moved forward' however and threw this one away (if 'we' is England)

I think the 3200 people sitting next to the CA rid anyone of the impression that the place was empty.


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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Farmer White (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 14:07

That would make more sense Mike. I thought he said St Mary Magdalene but possibly he was referring to that being the other church you most commonly see from the ground. I think he might also have mentioned St George's which can be seen from the higher seats in the Botham stand. He didn't mention St Johns as far as I can recall which his compatriots in the commentary caravan could probably see or at least could have done if they moved a little to their right.

Four pavilions and four churches must be unique for a cricket ground. Unless of course someone knows different...

As to the run out the two of us watching in my sitting room both instantly gave Roy out. He made a clear and immediate diversion from the natural line back to his crease and into the line through which the ball would need to be thrown - from one side of the pitch to the other. It delayed him getting there. No way of knowing whether it was deliberate, instinctive or just careless. In the heat of the moment it could have been any of those. Whichever, it seemed clear to us he had obstructed the field.

It may have turned the match.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 14:10

The drone picture of him on top of the church was very impressive indeed. It is a hell of a view from there.


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Farmer White (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 14:22

The drone pictures were perhaps the most impressive of all from a Somerset perspective. With Taunton imprinted on the brain of every tv cricket watcher down the years, right back to the weekly John Player League, as a 'small ground' the sight of all those people packed in so close to the action and so far back must have woken people watching up to the fact that the Club is starting to become a force to be reckoned with. And so clearly right in the middle of the town. As a spectacle it was impressive. Excellent TV. And we always arrange a close finish when the TV comes to Taunton. I imagine they will want to come back.

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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Bagpuss (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 15:40

Re the Jason Roy dismissal - with the change of the laws it us now very foolish to put yourself between the fielder and the stumps when trying to make your ground. All the fielder has to do is hit the batsman-a much larger, albeit moving, target than the stumps. The ball does not, in the opinion of the umpire, have been going to hit said stumps.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: mikeindex (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 16:40

I don't think the Roy decision could have been more obviously out given the (very sensible) change in the law. He deliberately ran right across the pitch at 90 degrees to his shortest route back to his crease. I thought it rather diplomatic of AB (I actually mean AB this time, not Tom ABell) to describe it as 50-50 in the post-match interview.

Being currently without either Sky TV or the desire to pay £80 to watch three hours of cricket in a format I find intermittently entertaining but far from loveable, all I got were the Channel 5 highlights, which was probably quite enough.

Craig O, at least as bowler, does not strike me as ideally suited to T20 unless the track is conducive to seam movement or steep bounce. Very best to him if, as strongly implied will happen, he makes his debut in Cardiff.

Watching the Roy-Bairstow stand I was struck, not for the first time (though the first involving this specific pairing), by the difference between a T20 batsman and a batsman of genuine class who also happens to be well-adapted to T20.

Er, why Sweet Caroline?

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Mike TA1 (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 16:56

A roof terrace with a view from the Viridor building.


The police were ready for any trouble that might have happened – two of the cars had dogs in them, and some of the plain cars who knows what were in them.


Priory Bridge Road entrance with spectators waiting to get in.


The Somerset Pavilion.


Gimblett's Hill Stand – not as we know it.


Not a drone view, but my view.


Is this one of the other churches that they keep on about?


I think it is best that those sitting in the stand didn't see this view of it.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 17:21

Mike TA1

The police were ready for any trouble that might have happened – two of the cars had dogs in them, and some of the plain cars who knows what were in them.

Plain clothes policeman?


Just a wild guess. I might be wrong.

Seriously- Taunton aquitted itself very well last night.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Tom Seymour (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 18:32

Yes, a more developed ground awarded Category B status and an England T20 International. That’s a few more things for Andy Nash to tick off his bucket list.

Was it all worth it?

Whoever was playing, it was still T20 – a very low level development (or should I say impersonation) of the game I love.

Both sides had their moments but South Africa just edged it for me and so it turned out. I had no doubt over the dismissal of Jason Roy, it was the correct decision despite the booing of many fools in the stands.

As usual the game attracted its fair share of drunks, idiots and troglodytes who had ventured down from the green hills of Somerset for the day. I had to take issue with a silly woman steward who clearly not knowing the name of the stand she was supposed to be in charge of, had to ask a number of people to move from the area to which she had already directed them into the appropriate stand, when the rightful ticket holders turned up and found their seats mistakenly occupied. More drilling of the stewards required!

The game should ideally have started earlier in view of there being no floodlights on the ground. I did once read a story that Taunton was the first town in England to have electric street lighting, yet here we are as probably the last County cricket club to install floodlights. Not until 2019 at the last estimate.

We keep hearing reports that the PA system is to be fully overhauled or updated. That cannot come soon enough for it was very muffled and indistinct from where I was seated.

The other big shortfall was the scoreboard near the Colin Atkinson stand. With the main one predominantly showing TV clips and messages, the CA one did not have the adequate information required. For example, not the names of the bowlers or their bowling analysis. I thought we gleaned from Mike the Photo. that some extra panels were going to be added before the T20 International so that more info. could be shown? It never happened.

I have to confess that my travelling companion bought the tickets for us in the mistaken belief that the game was a 50 over match. I did not have the heart to refuse joining the party, but T20 is what it is.

No doubt the club had a big input and support from the ECB on how to manage such a game, and in fairness they did pretty well. So, well done to them.

Guy Lavender wrote a few months back that he wanted people to have the Wimbledon Experience when they visit Taunton. Having been to Wimbledon several times, we are some way short of that and I’m afraid always will be because Taunton holding a game for 12,400 people is like trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot.

And whether your pot is half full or half empty, the problem will still be the same. (Sm22)

Earlier, I raised the question “Was it all worth it?” I sincerely hope that the Treasurer at this year’s AGM can give a resounding “Yes” to that question.

After all making money is the club’s Number 1 aim.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 18:42

Tom- It would seem Taunton hosted a floodlit rugby match in 1879 at Vivary Park (3rd paragraph)


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Wickham (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 20:23

Thanks for the photos, Mike the Lens.

I agree with all your points, mikeindex (though press reports suggest that it was Morgan who said that the Roy dismissal was a 50-50 call). Like FW, I called the Roy dismissal "out" before the umpire's decision had been given.

I am pleased that the match was not particularly high scoring - I think that, if each side had scored well in excess of 200, that would have played to the "small ground" narrative.

I am glad that you had such an enjoyable time, Tom Seymour.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Tom Seymour (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 20:38

Were you there then Wickham?

I'm sure you would have found the adjacent company of drunks and idiots to be very stimulating.

I didn't but as we all know, you can't please everybody all the time.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 20:44

Or you at any time.


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Tom Seymour (IP Logged)
Date: 24/06/2017 20:52

Is that really the best offering you can make?

Sorry, I have already answered my own question.

Bit slow in getting off the mark to comment on my congratulations to the club for their management yesterday also weren't you.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 25/06/2017 10:50

Was that somewhere in all the 'this was wrong' and 'they were wrong' and 'this wasn't cricket' and 'was it all worth it' and 'Nash' bucket list ticking and inept stewards and it not being Wimbledon?

Sorry you are right. I must have missed that little crumb of credit in amongst the rest and you were probably close to pleased for at least a nano second or two of the time you had to suffer through. Well done.


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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Tom Seymour (IP Logged)
Date: 25/06/2017 14:31

Please don't overuse the quote facility when the post referred to is on the same page. It just wastes space. Thanks.

Your reading comprehension problems are becoming markedly worse by the day. For the sake of everyone please try to improve them.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 00:47

Is that the best YOU can come up with Thomas? (Sm22)(Sm160)

Everyone on here recognises and comprehends the nature of your posts.

No-one misunderstands their meaning - they aren't that clever.

You're not exactly an enigma are you? Or maybe you think you are

Ahh well we all live in our own little worlds I suppose.

Anyway...cricket to watch and talk about. Talk again soon?

Don't be a stranger... or at least no stranger than you already are to most of our readers.


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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 08:20

I look upon Grockles as part of my healthy, one argument a day diet.


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Clarence Parker (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 08:48

Arguments have a purpose. Childish and obnoxious sarcasm does not.

'Twas ever thus on here.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 09:29

Then don't post it Clarence and you won't receive it seems to be the way to go my boy

If you want to dish it out then don't sermonise when it is returned to you also seems to fit in this case

I'll read your lectures when you follow your own rules (or is it only 'childish and obnoxious' when it doesn't come from your keyboard?)

Until then maybe leaving two posters to be childish together is the rule for you to follow perhaps. Casting the first stone and all that.

Have yourself a merry little Monday.


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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 09:46

I don"t think you'll be on a diet here if argument is what you are after Chunks.

If only the odd poster could get that you sometimes have to eat the same as you dish up we might have better fare on the menu sometimes as the recipes might not always be the same.

A more balanced diet perhaps?

Though there are those who like to see the reaction of diners to garbage served up as gourmet dishes I sometimes think.

Hey ho. Twas always thus. We"ll try and keep it hygenic if we can. Not sure we can always keep it serious though. Some dishes just don't always warrant that.

Sorry got carried away with the metaphor........


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Re: A Day in History
Posted by: mikeindex (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 14:06

@Wickham AB definitely described the decision as 50-50 (shortly after reminding viewers of his own similar dismissal not long ago - possibly still smarting). Morgan may have done so too, I missed his interview.
I remain baffled as to how Sweet Caroline got in there.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 16:52

The whole crowd just started singing it after about 12 bars. Lots of people. BIG noise


Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Clarence Parker (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 17:51

Please don't quote posts that can be seen on the same page. It simply takes up space. Thanks

Re: my posting of 08:48 - I rest my case. I got it spot on.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2017:06:26:18:05:08 by Grockle.

Re: A Day in History
Posted by: Grockle (IP Logged)
Date: 26/06/2017 18:09

Well done CP.

Now that you have read the post below it of 9:29 all you need is to take the advice and you will remain as you say 'spot on'.


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